breakthrough technology erasing forever chemicals

capture and destroy

Our technology empowers industrials with a new kind of PFAS remediation system. With our optimized UV reactor paired with our novel absorbent, industrials can confidently erase PFAS from wastewater.

our solution

An in-stream device that breaks down PFAS using a catalytic absorbent material and UV light.

why Coflux

The Coflux reactor removes the need for disposal of hazardous waste, costly energy or pressure inputs, or large systems.The Coflux reactor is compact, scalable, and economical for operators to drop-in to current wastewater treatments.

work with us

We are looking for partners who are interested in erasing forever chemicals in their wastewater streams.

who we are

Our vision is a world where communities have PFAS-free environments and drinking water.We know it'll take a lot to get there. At Coflux, we strive to develop an accessible, sustainable, and reliable PFAS destruction technology to protect the environment and communities across the world.

passionate, experienced water innovators

Alec Ajnsztajn

Chief Executive Officer & Chief Science Officer

Dr. Alec Ajnsztajn received his PhD from Rice University, with a focus on materials science and nanoengineering. Alec also helped lead and pass the Proposition B in Houston, supporting reformed voting structure for the area’s regional government, demonstrating passion and leadership for local issues.

Jeremy Daum

Chief Technology Officer

Jeremy Daum is a PhD candidate at Rice University, with current research focusing on exploring scalable production methods for nanomaterials for applications including batteries, semiconductors, and water purification. Jeremy was recently accepted as an Innovation Fellow at Rice University and accepted into the NSF’s Graduate Research Fellowship Program.

Dana Vazquez

Chief Commercial Officer

Dana Vazquez graduated from the Rice Jones Graduate School of Business with her MBA. Dana has, over 8 years of experience in sustainability and consulting – she is also on the Houston Clean City Commission, exploring how the city can more sustainably manage its waste and environmental resources.


toxic legacy of forever chemicals

what are forever chemicals?

Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) are a group of manufactured chemicals which contain a strong carbon-fluorine bond. They are often referred to as 'forever' or 'everywhere' chemicals, due to their prominence in everyday products. They're commonly used in products we use everyday - including food and CPG packaging, waterproof clothing, hygiene products, and cookware.They don't break down naturally in the environment, so they've come to build up inside of our bodies and the environment over time.

how do they affect us?

PFAS has been found in over 99% of the human population - chances are you have detectable levels of PFAS in your blood!PFAS have been tied to a number of health impacts, including cancer, heart and liver disease, hormone imbalance, infertility, and birth defects.

how did we get here?

The manufacturers that make and use forever chemicals don't have widely adopted ways to remove or destroy them from wastewater. When this water discharges, it continues to contaminate our soil, water, and eventually gets into our drinking water.

Coflux is here to help industrials destroy PFAS and have a positive impact on communities everywhere.

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